LC/UPC-LC/UPC Singlemode Duplex Patch Cord

               LC/UPC-LC/UPC Singlemode Duplex Patch Cord   

---Low insertion and back reflection loss
---Good exchangeability
---Good durability
---High temperature stability
---Standard: Telcordia GR-326-CORE
-Telecommunication networks
-Data transmission networks
-Computer networks (Gigabit Ethernet, SoNet, etc. )
-Cabling system
-Interconnection of fiber optic transmission equipments
-ODF of optical transmission systems
-FTTX applications

Fiber Type:  OS1(9/125um) OM1(62.5/125um) OM2(50/125um) OM3(10GIG)
Connector Polishing Type:  PC, UPC, APC
Fiber Cable Jacket material:  PVC/LSZH
Standard color: Singlemode :Yellow color, Multimode :Orange color
Cable strain relief (boot) O.D. : 0.9mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/3.0mm
Compliant with JIS C-5973, IEC RoHS
Q.C. : 100% function testing include Insertion loss, Return loss and Connector end face geometry. 

Parameter table
Insertion loss   Singlemode: PC/UPC≤0.2dB  APC≤0.2dB 
                            Multimode  PC/UPC≤0.3 dB
Return loss       Singlemode PC/UPC≥50dB  APC≥60 dB
                            Multimode   PC/UPC≥35 dB 



Fiber optic patch cord

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